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A marine style hand crank winch system raises and lowers your canvas, easily allowing you to work with weight up to 200 pounds, 
and plastic front locking casters increase mobility and stability. 
A video with step-by-step instructions and operating features is included.
Santa Fe II Easel -- #880350 
Santa Fe 11 Deluxe Studio Easel  #880350   $1595.00
In Stock Sale $799.99 FOB Factory

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The Santa Fe 11

   For the serious artist. This is the finest piece of artist furniture ever constructed. Built for hard work, this easel was designed by a painter who worked large and understood the importance of a solid work station. Holds canvases up to 96" high.  
    Artist can work sitting or standing.  Provides a variety of easily adjusted settings and angles.  Adjustable sliding mast moves independently of the tray.  Adjustable top and middle painting trays have rubber grips to hold canvas securely.
 This magnificent easel is constructed of hand rubbed solid oak. By loosening the knobs on the back of the easel, the artist can easily adjust his or her painting to any tilt or angle desired. The hardware was designed and made especially for this easel.
   To change tilt: Loosen 4 black knobs on inner and outer side of  arms, slide easel into place, and tighten knobs.

Other Features:
   -- 2" x 5" oak uprights
   --  painting trays:  The 30" wide by 7 1/2" tall utility/palette tray comes with 2 large stainless steel canisters and has a melamine paint mixing surface.

   -- adjustable mast
   -- swivel pulleys
   -- Slide Guide System
   -- Wedge-lok System

 Front locking casters: make mobility of these solid easels possible.

Also available see other easels in the Santa Fe line:     
  * Santa Fe I       * Santa Fe III

* Double masted to handle wide canvases with ease.
* Can hold canvases up to 106" high.
* Extended Easel Height:  129" 
* Minimum Easel Height:  78"
*  Bottom painting tray measures 30" x 7-1/2". 
* Ceiling height: Lowest setting of easel is 86" high, 
                           Highest setting of easel is 150" high.
* Base Width:  24" wide by 30" deep

*  Packaged in heavy duty carton for protection, Ship Wt: 98lbs,
   Box dimensions 77" x 30" x 10"
* Ship by truck, partially assembled

Santa Fe II Easel -- #880350